For schools, educational institutions and teachers:

Many schools are today focusing on providing a virtual learning environment to augment (not replace) traditional teaching. The benefits of this are immense especially in areas where class-sizes are projected to rise or have indeed risen. Talk to us about installing an effective learning management system (LMS) as well as creating excellent Learning Objects to populate your system. We have copyrighted tools to help you quickly create and deploy learning objects.

For companies:

With ever increasing costs of learning and training you may want to explore the option of E-Learning or Blended Learning at the very minimum. Here, a company can maximise its training budget by infusing electronic training.  We will help you create E-Courses for your staff and train you to effectively manage the system. You call us only when there’s a problem…which we envisage, shouldn’t arise!! Cheeky but true.

For individuals:

Check out our Audio/Video Production Guide for E-learning, Seminars and Tutorials.
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